The oat is considered a functional food, it means that its consumption provides us with health benefits beyond the nutrients they give us.

It is a nutritionally balanced cereal, it has more proteins than the other cereal, such us rice, wheat and corn

100 g of Oat:

  • Provides 396 kcal
  • Conteins 12 g of protein
  • Conteins 11 g of fiber

It also has vitamins, minerals, insaturated fats (good for the heart) and antioxidants that helps us prevent aging.

Oat has a lot of starch and fiber. The starch becomes energy.

Oat starch is different from the other foods like pasta and bread because its digestion is slower, providing a slow, stable and healthy glucose supply.

Also, 25% of oat starch is not digested and therefore acts as pre-biotic fiber that feeds our intestinal flora and promotes intestinal health.

The most abundant type of fiber in oats is "soluble fiber". This type of fiber acts by coating the stomach and swelling, thus cleansing the digestive tract (eliminating toxins and fats). It also has a "satiating" effect, meaning that it gives us a feeling of fullness. And finally its digestion is slower, so you burn more calories during the eating process.

Taking about the insoluble fiber, it is digested much faster, and can cause a strong movement in the intestines, which helps to combat constipation.

False. Many people mistakenly believe that oats are fattening. Oatmeal is a food that helps to lose weight while still being delicious. It's amazing its effect on metabolism and very effective for weight loss. The soluble fiber of oats (a little dark particles that are next to the flakes) acts by creating a gel in the stomach, covers its walls and swells. This not only achieves a full effect, but also cleans the digestive tract, helping to eliminate toxins and fats. Its digestion is slower, so more fats are burned during its digestion. Have you noticed how full you are after eating oats? Your stomach stays full, for at least 3 hours.

This satiating factor is one of the reasons that makes it a great food to accelerate metabolism and avoid eating unhealthy foods in the middle of the morning.

Warning: If you want to maintain a healthy weight, you should not add to much sugar to your oatmeal.

The health benefits of oats are many, but the best known are those derived from their high fiber content:

Oats contribute to lowering blood cholesterol levels. Prevents high blood glucose after a meal. It increases the speed of intestinal transit, reducing constipation. Santa Catalina oats maintains the natural presence of soluble fiber; this is why there is a greater presence of dust in the envelope. Provides energy to perform daily activities. For this reason, oatmeal Santa Catalina is indicated for the daily consumption of the whole family.