We are a peruvian company that provides jobs for a lot of peruvian families. We have more than 30 years of experience so we can provide high quality and nutritious products to all the families that eat our products.

We constantly invest in technology and we work with an innovative production system, so we can offer the highest quality standards that our clients demand.

We started our company at 1986 in Arequipa.  The name of our principal brand “Santa Catalina” was inspired by the name of the Santa Catalina Convent that is located in this city. Later, we began our development in Lima, where we started in the oat market, developing an innovative value segment.

In our seeking for lidership and with our desire of becoming a unique brand, we developed products that held our andean heritage. We were the first brand in launching oat with Maca, Amaranth, Quinoa and Soy Bean.

After that, we continued our path to become and innovative brand so we launched two more brands: Chocolet and Duncan.

We want to gain a position in the pasta market, so we bought a modern noodle plant and we own a windmill to have a constant high- quality flour supply. With this, we were able to develop our unique “natural cereal enriched” noodles.

Nowadays, we are preparing ourselves to enter and compete in new healthy product categories. We are seeking to extend in other countries our innovative way and desire to improve the quality of life of all the families.

To become a leading company of national and international reputation with a good financial, administrative and commercial background, dedicated to healthy product creation that helps families improved their life quality; encouraging them to use and eat andean products.

By using mix strategies (technical, organizational, and humane), increase our development for the good of all the people that are involved in our business operation. To identify unsatisfied needs and offer products that complement a healthy nutrition without leaving behind the innovation, practicality and economy.

In INDUPSA we are aware of our social role. We believe that business should interact with the society that makes it successful.

Our organization is always willing to help the less favored and vulnered sectors of society and when we have the opportunity, we support directly numerous sport activities and religious initiative “It`s better to give that to receive”.

Christmas campaign:

For the past years, the INDUPSA family gather together to bring joy to hundreds of children in many cities of Perú. We also celebrate Christmas with our employees children.


“Food for life”. Our philosophy is to offer to the peruvian families a high-quality oat, thats why we are the only oat that uses a single cooking process, this guarantees that the grain holds its freshness, its creamy colour and when we cooked it, it doesn´t have lumps.

Nowadays, with the same philosophy, Santa Catalina is preparing to enter to new business categories, with nutritious and natural products.