Handicrafts for kids

Exist 2 materials with you can dye: watercolors and vegetable dyes.


  • Collect in a recipient the same quantity of water and watercolors (quantity of water depends of how quantity paste you want dye).
  • Move with a spoon and mix the materials.
  • Add the raw paste (without boil) in the recipient and wait for a minute.
  • With the gloves take off the paste and put on in a tray with a kitchen roll on top of it. Wait for the noodles dry and now put on baking paper (to make sure it doesn't stick).

Vegetable dyes

If you decide to paint with vegetable dyes only have to replace the water for alcohol and the watercolors for vegetable dyes at the same measure. (Quantity of alcohol and vegetable dyes depends of how quantity paste you want to dye).

*If this activity is realize for your kids bear in mind always they need the adult supervision.

  • We can use pasta to make “stamps” for kids.
  • You can use diferent pasta (choose different shapes), give your children some paper and tempers. Let them play with colors and textures to create cute paintings.
  • Here you can look at some ideas to use pasta and to create crafts.


You should try this clay with your children. You should note eat it, but if your children does, it is no toxic at all.


  • 1 part of wheat flour
  • 2 parts of oat flour*
  • 1 part of water

How to make it:

  • Oat Flour: You can use a blender or you can smash the oat with your hands and sieve it.
  • Clay: Mix all the ingredients in a bowl, then, knead it until you have a soft dough. You can colour it with food coloring.
  • As it is, you can storage in the refrigerator for 2 days. If you cook it you can use it for 4 days.